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Simple dial gauge for Rare, Medium & Well Done – colour coded (one for each steak/person), glow in the dark , stainless steel – it’s so simple it’s child play! Seriously – you can’t go wrong with this one! Dial face and pointer glow in the dark.
Thanks! Did this today. I smoked mine at about 300 for 2 hours because “the kids” (me) were hungry. Smoked in my Weber kettle with Apple wood and served with some baked beans and jalapeño corn bread. I hadn’t smoked a tenderloin before, but I will again soon. Regular rub of smoked paprika, a little cayenne, salt, and lots of brown sugar.
Electric cabinet smokers are shaped like a little refrigerator. Most cabinet smokers come with a temperature gauge so you can control the core temperature. When you are cooking meat with an electric smoker, it’s important to be able to control the temperature.
Nobody wants an appliance that can only be used at a fixed location. Most customers who buy smokers use it either over the weekends for entertaining or whenever they are travelling, going for picnics or camping. Portability is determined by the weight of the appliance. Most of the smokers we reviewed weigh between 25- 60 pounds. This shows that one can carry them around the compound or to whichever location they want. Size is also important in determining portability. Always go for a unit that occupies less space and one that you can comfortably put at your car trunk.
Whether you want a highly portable unit or the biggest electric smoker you can find, finding the right smoker for your needs is the most important part. Let’s take a closer look at the best electric smokers for every purpose.
This product features a digital control system together with a blue LED display which can easily be viewed under daylight. No need for manual temperature reading with this unit — its internal thermometer reads the temperature for you and instantly displays it on the control panel.
You could spend loads of time browsing the internet, searching for best electric smokers on the market, but it doesn’t have to be like that. To save you time, we have written down everything you need to know about these excellent products and features they come with. Read more about them in our reviews and see which one is best for you.
1. The Vertical Water Smokers – These models  has become popular among folks who don’t like their meat or fish smoked dry. Steam that is generated as a result of heat and water in this model of the electric smoker cooks the fish or meat while adding flavors without making the meat too dry.
Easy to use and safe the Masterbuilt ThermoTemp Easy to use and safe the Masterbuilt ThermoTemp XL is a great choice for smoking your favorite foods. Just set the temperature and you’re done thanks to the patent-pending control system. The shut-off valve ensures safety. With four smoking racks there is ample room for plenty of food. Share the …  More + Product Details Close
The Bee Hive Smoker protects you while you The Bee Hive Smoker protects you while you work with your bee hive by overwhelming the bees’ natural defense mechanism and distracting them. This essential beekeeper’s tool is designed to be durable with a protective heat guard. The Beekeeper’s Hive Smoker is safe and easy to use. The removable perforated-base …  More + Product Details Close
These cabinets come enclosed from all sides, so there’s a minimal amount of heat loss. Also, compared to other types, cabinet smokers are larger and bulkier. As far as the mobility goes, these don’t thrive in mobility. Once you find a place for this unit, keep it there. That said, these units do come with their benefits which can make them a favorite among people with peculiar demands.
The best method to tenderize is rubbing the meat with a mix of spices.  A store bought pork rub can be used to rub into the meat or you can use the following ingredients to make your own rub mix.  Store any extra rub in an airtight container or put in a shaker near the stove to use as seasoning for your cooking.
Place the birds on the smoker racks and leave in the smoker until they reach an internal temperature of 165F. The time it takes to reach this temperature varies greatly. Depending on the smoker and the amount of food you are smoking it can take anywhere from 3-5 hours.
Electric varieties are usually more expensive than gas smokers for all sizes due to the electrical components in them. Various electric models of similar sizes could also have varying prizes depending on their level of sophistication. Branded units could cost as much as $300 and beyond while propane smokers of the same size could cost about half or less. When calculating average expenses that could incur from purchasing and using these machines over time, don’t forget to include cost of electricity bills. Take note of the smoker’s power consumption capacity before purchasing it.
Gone are the days when smoking was done using firewood, which not only produced a lot of smoke (thus polluting the environment) but also took up a lot of space. It also took a lot of time to prepare a smoked dish.
So, what is the best electric smoker to buy? This is where things get a little tricky. There are numerous manufacturers out there, and while this is a good thing, all of them claim to have the best features, quality and easiest products to use. In this buying guide, we give you our top 10 carefully selected options so you can find a quality product that you fall in love with every time you use it.
The first thing you are going to need is a smoker – here is the one the hubby has: Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Top Controller.  If you are looking for a starter smoker that is high quality, but also not the most expensive smoker ever made, he would recommend this one.  He has had it for 3 years with no issues and the quality of smoking is fantastic.  Also, while I know everyone has their own opinion, electric smokers like the one we have are much easier to control than the charcoal version.  So again, if you are just starting out, this Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker, Top Controller smoker is the way to go.
Smoking cooks meat at low temperatures for long periods of time prevents meat from spoiling, while adding flavor. If you like the taste of smoked food, you may want to try an electric smoker. Cooking with an electric smoker makes it possible for you to smoke food without having to spend a lot of time monitoring the smoker.
Taking your time in cooking thick cuts of meats is incredibly rewarding because the connective tissues break down into sugar and water while the fats gradually melt, imparting that juicy moisture you crave. The most reliable and consistent way to go about cooking a succulent cut of ribs is by using a smoker bbq, and like many kitchen appliances there are many types which you must consider.
In this case, the chamber is directly above the burning wood, but the two are separated by a bowl which contains water, seasoning, beer, wine, and so on. The water evaporates due to the heat of the wood and helps maintain the constant temperature inside the unit. Once the unit reaches the desired temperature, there are almost no fluctuations in temperature which can jeopardize the taste of the meat.

It is well-insulated as well, making it energy-efficient. Lastly, as discussed, it is also easy to clean, which means that it will be effortless for you to maintain it in the long run, even in spite of frequent and long-term use.
So, the consistency in temperature values is flawless with this product. It comes with three racks, and every rack is chrome-coated. It has a temperature range of 100 degrees up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
Looking for easy and delicious recipes to prepare on your Masterbuilt Smoker? You’ve come to the right place. There’s several different kinds of Masterbuilt smokers available. Charcoal, propane, and both analog and digital electric. All our recipes include directions at least for the Masterbuilt electric smoker which is by far the most popular but we’ll try to include directions for other smokers as well.
Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker 240 Volt. All the features of the original Bradley Smoker plus the benefit of digital technology. TheBradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker 240 Volt has all the features of the original Bradley Smoker plus the benefit of digital technology.
I have an electric smoker with a water pan. I’m conflicted on using water as some say this inhibits the drying out of the jerky. I was going to use non soaked mesquite chiunks and smoke low and slow, based on what I’ve read. They have been marinating over night, and I think I will add additional pepper to half. What do you think?
For food safety, your turkey must pass through a critical range of 40° F to 140° F in 4 hours or less. If the internal temperature is low after 3½ hours, take your turkey off the smoker and finish it in the oven.
If you’re just starting out and don’t want to sink too much into smoking, we really recommend the Masterbuilt 20070213 30-Inch Electric Analog Smoker. This Masterbuilt 30 electric smokehouse friendly model offers every feature a serious BBQ master could want at a fraction of the cost compared to other models.
Our Top Pick comes with a massive 721 square inches of cooking space, which is more than what most electric smokers have to offer. This makes it perfect for large barbecue parties with friends and family. Cook as much as you want with its 4 adjustable chrome-coated racks — to give you an idea, this electric smoker from Masterbuilt can cook twelve whole chickens, two whole turkeys, twenty-four burgers, or four huge packs of ribs! It also comes with a wood chip loading system on the side so you don’t have to open the doors and lose precious heat when you refill it with hickory chips. The Masterbuilt features a drip deflector, front-access drip pan, and inside insulation to preserve the heat inside, making your meats tender and smoky.
Masterbuilt 20070910 30-inch Black Electric Digital Smoker: One feature that makes this electric smoker easy to use is its digital control panel. All that you need to do is to push a single button and the machine will start working on its own. You can set temperature range from 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit depending on what is preferred. There is also a 24-hour timer. With the timer, there is no need to be worried about over or under-cooking.
I like to cooler rest mine after smoking. Pull it, wrap in foil or butcher paper and put it into a cooler lined with towels for about 4 hours. It will help it rest and reason the juices and help them to properly distribute through the meat. Even with it foil wrapped in the fridge, it cools too quickly, not allowing a good moisture distribution.
You will need to watch the temperature as it climbs. Once the internal temperature hits your actual desired temperature (220°F), as it climbs above the temperature you actually set (210°F), reset the temperature to 220°F on the controller.
Bradley Smokers Original Smoker: The stainless steel exterior of this electric smoker does not only make it aesthetically-pleasing, but also durable. It also comes with large front feet, which makes it stable. There are also stainless steel external surfaces, which have been commended by many because of their ability to retain heat, and hence, resulting into energy efficiency, similar to both Masterbuilt 20070910 and Bradley Smokers Original Smoker.
I recommend using the Thermoworks Smoke Pro Series 2 Channel High Temp Cooking Probe for continuous monitoring of the meat’sinternal temperaturein addition to monitoring the smoker’s internal temperature during the smoking and cooking process. Includes wireless receiver to remotely monitor the temperatures from up to 300 feet away.
As a general rule, gas smokers are cheaper than electric ones. If you care less about technology, sophistication, and above all, you are on a tight budget, then a gas smoker should be your preferred choice. If on the other hand, you don’t want to be tied down to your cooking activity, you should consider purchasing one with a cord like we’re covering here.
I usually brush the tenderloin with BBQ sauce right when it comes out of the smoker. If desired, you could brush the meat midway through the smoking session. That allows the sauce to caramelize itself on the meat.
Poultry is great with many different wood choices. Some of the wood I usually use are hickory, apple, oak, pecan and maple. For this particular smoke, I used Bradley’s Whiskey Oak wood bisquettes. They resulted in a really nice flavor.
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