5 thoughts on “Master Built Pro Electric Smoker not getting heat

  1. Dennis Andrews says:

    Thanks for this! This seems like it is my issue as well. I ordered some of these a few months back, but it seems like it wont stay pushed into the smoker as the brace part of it that you put the screws in is loose. The old one I pulled off is solid. Did you have to cold weld or somehow solidify these once you got them? Maybe I got the wrong kind.

  2. Bruce Mueller says:

    This is actually a high temperature safety thermostat. If this thermostat is opening, it is because the internal temperature exceeded 302 deg. F (150C). This means that the control thermostat is not working (Probe or control board failure) The safety should automatically reset, but will fail if cycled excessively. Check your internal temperature while smoking.

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