3 thoughts on “Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Chips

  1. Loudonville, Ohio Citizen says:

    I'm picking up my 20070910 this coming Tuesday from an auction. Think I got a good deal, $96.04 out the door with auctioneer fee included. My question is what are the dimension of the smoker? I have an '07 Suzuki Forenza which isn't big. Would the unit fit in my car even if I have to take it out of the box. Informative video on your part

  2. Virgocalifornia says:

    Nice review and comparison. I have the model with the glass and I find that there's no heat lost. I do agree that the older model has a deeper grease tray you mount on the rear. I know someone with the newer model and as you say he has to dump grease more often than I do.

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