5 thoughts on “Placing Wood Chips Electric Smoker

  1. Double ATL says:

    Hi Brian, no smoke leaking at all. The feet are actually wood framing stirrups you can get in the Lumber aisle. the collar and pipe in the plumbing aisle….both cast metal

  2. that ace says:

    Awesome set up. I did a similar conversion after the element failed and I watched your video. I used a vent that twists to open or close and was wondering if you had any advice on the vent positions to keep the temp around 225?

  3. Freak0id says:

    Thanks for the video. I have this smoker. My heating element recently went out and I have been looking into buying a new one. Just curious what the advantage of switching to charcoal would be … especially given that the flavor comes from the wood chips. Thanks!

  4. Corey Sanchez says:

    Thank you for the video! I am just as surprised as you that there is not much out there on conversions. I bought my Brinkman second hand for $20 and had about two good smokes on it before I started noticing the temp wouldn't get past 210 F anymore. Since I have wanted a charcoal smoker to begin with, I am looking to convert my old Brinky. How does the temp keep in yours? How often do you add charcoal during your smokes?

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