5 thoughts on “Smokin-it model 2 electric smoker

  1. Rob Babcock says:

    I've been agonizing between the Smokin-It Model 2 and the Model 3. Can you fit whole baby backs in the #2 without cutting them in half? How about briskets? Have you done a turkey?


  2. Rob Babcock says:

    Well, I ended up getting the Smokin-it Model #3. I figured, hey- go big or go home! 😉 I seasoned it last night and I've got my first batch of food working in it right now. For the first cook I decided to make Atomic Buffalo Turds and chicken legs. In half an hour we'll see how it turned out!

    Thanks for your videos. They're practically the only ones on Youtube featuring Smokin-It. That's a shame- their products are a great value! They're built like a tank! I foresee many tasty meals.

  3. T&T BBQ T&T BBQ says:

    Good Job on the brisket did you get a good smoke ring ? that's what I'm trying to do get a good smoke ring with a electric smoker . I need some help knowing how to get a smoke ring.
    do yall also use fresh wood or aged? Thanks T & T bar b q

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