What Is the Best Electric Smoker available in 2016?

What Is the Best Electric Smoker available in 2016?

Howdy fire food fans. Looking for the best electric smoker available in 2016? Then check out the full list of the top 5 available today at

We judged the electric smokers on a number of criteria in order to decide which was the best one. The criteria are:

Price – How much did the smoker cost relative to other smokers available and did it offer for value for money in terms of features offered?

Consistent temperature and smoke – Did the electric smoker retain heat? How even was the temperature throughout the unit? Did the smoker output enough smoke?

Ease of use – How easy was the electric smoker to use? Could you just set and forget it?

Space and size – How much cooking space does the smoker have? How big is unit generally?

Ease of cleaning – Is the smoker easy to clean?

We tested, reviewed and rated the following smokers:

MASTERBUILT 40 INCH (20075315)




MASTERBUILT 30 INCH (20070910)

Judged on our criteria we rated the 40-inch Masterbuilt (20075315) as the best electric smoker available in 2016.

It offers great value for money; packing loads of features for the price. The insulation and materials keeps the unit’s temperature stable and even throughout. It also gives off plenty of smoke so you won’t use up pellets as quickly as you would with inferior smokers. Other points to note are that it comes with a remote control, so you can adjust the temperature from within 100 yards. Finally, it’s very easy to clean due to the removable racks and drip pans.

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